Factory customize bt stereo waterproof active noise cancelling tws earbuds also with ENC function

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Factory Customize Bt Stereo Waterproof Active Noise Cancelling Tws Earbuds Also With Enc Function - Buy Customize Stereo Waterproof Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds,Anc Enc Earbuds,Earbuds For Game Product | Earbud & In-Ear Headphones.........

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2022 Earphones & Headphones Dropshipping Products Product Description Cost-effective Mini Headphones F9 TWS 5.0 Wireless Earbuds ABS plastic and silicon Function Bluetooth, true wireless, touch, and smart Package superior boxDescription of product performanceANC-equipped true wireless earbuds.For hearing and interacting, use transparency mode.Water-resistant IPX 6 and force sensor.clear audio with powerful bass.16 hours of playback time and wireless charging.Scale indicator for LED batteries.Usage of ProductsUs product
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Introduction: Thank you for choosing our Factory Customizable BT Stereo Waterproof Active Noise Cancelling TWS Earbuds with ENC Function. This manual will provide instructions on how to use the product effectively and efficiently for both adults and minors.

For Adults:

  1. First, power on the earbuds by pressing and holding the touch area for 3-5 seconds until the LED light flashes.
  2. Activate Bluetooth on your device and select "Factory Customizable Earbuds" from the list of available devices.
  3. Once connected, you can enjoy high-quality stereo sound and noise cancellation features.
  4. To activate ENC function, press and hold the left earbud touch area for 3 seconds until you hear a voice prompt. The ENC function will reduce background noise during phone calls for clearer communication.
  5. The earbuds are also waterproof, which means they can be used in the rain or while exercising without fear of damage.

For Minors:

  1. Please ensure that an adult supervises the usage of the earbuds.
  2. Follow the same steps as listed above for powering on and connecting the earbuds.
  3. It is recommended that minors do not use the ENC function when making phone calls to avoid any confusion or difficulty hearing.
  4. The earbuds are also durable and waterproof, but please exercise caution when using them near bodies of water.

Conclusion: Our Factory Customizable BT Stereo Waterproof Active Noise Cancelling TWS Earbuds with ENC Function are designed for easy use by both adults and minors. Please follow the instructions carefully and enjoy the high-quality sound and noise cancellation features. If you have any further questions or concerns, please refer to the user manual or contact our customer service team for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions about "Factory customize bt stereo waterproof active noise cancelling tws earbuds also with ENC function"


  1. Q: What is the size of these earbuds? A: The earbuds are compact and measure approximately 2cm (length) x 1.5cm (width) x 2cm (height).

  2. Q: What color options are available for these earbuds? A: We offer several color options including black, white, and red.

  3. Q: Are these earbuds suitable for sports activities? A: Yes, these earbuds are designed to be waterproof and can withstand sweat and rain, making them ideal for sports and outdoor activities.


  1. Q: Are these earbuds safe to use while driving or crossing the street? A: No, we do not recommend using these earbuds while driving or crossing the street as they may impair your ability to hear important sounds in your environment.

  2. Q: Can the noise-canceling feature create any safety hazards? A: It is important to note that the noise-canceling feature may reduce your awareness of your surroundings, so please use caution when using this feature in potentially hazardous situations.

  3. Q: Do these earbuds have any safety certifications? A: Yes, these earbuds have been certified by various safety organizations, including CE and RoHS.

Factory customized BT stereo waterproof active noise cancelling TWS earbuds with ENC function are a versatile and high-performance audio accessory. These earbuds feature advanced technology that allows them to deliver exceptional sound quality and noise reduction capabilities.

The earbuds are designed for outdoor use, thanks to their waterproof rating which makes them resistant to water and sweat. This means that you can enjoy your music without worrying about damage from moisture or perspiration.

In addition to their waterproofing, these earbuds also come equipped with active noise cancelling (ANC) technology. ANC works by blocking out external noise, allowing you to focus on your music or podcasts. This feature is particularly useful in noisy environments like airports or public transportation.

Another impressive feature of these earbuds is the ENC function. This stands for Environmental Noise Cancellation, and it works by reducing background noise during phone calls. With ENC, you can enjoy clear and uninterrupted conversations, even in noisy surroundings.

Finally, the earbuds' sleek and stylish design adds to their overall appeal. The compact size and comfortable fit make them ideal for active individuals who want to listen to music while exercising or commuting. Overall, the Factory customized BT stereo waterproof active noise cancelling TWS earbuds with ENC function are an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality, versatile earbuds.